Coolfit Harmonica shade


Easily determine the amount of sun on the terrace with the Coolfit® harmonica shade. The shade runs over stainless steel cables and can open or close manually. In addition, the Coolfit® harmonica shade is supplied including mounting material; pulleys, rods, steel cables, rope and tensioners. Easy to install by using the included assembly instructions and our assembly videos on the website.


Nesling recommends to remove the Coolfit® harmonica shade in the winter. To make it easier there is a winter cover available. With this cover the harmonica shade can stay outside during the winter.

Protects up to 95% against damaging UV rays
Custom sizes possible
Easy to clean
5 year warranty on the fabric

Coolfit harmonica

2,0 x 3,0 metre

Article number Colour
N501-082-203 leverbaar week 26
N506-082-203 leverbaar week 26
N508-082-203 leverbaar week 26

Coolfit harmonica

2,0 x 4,0 metre

Article number Colour
N501-082-204 levertijd week 26
N506-082-204 levertijd week 26
N508-082-204 levertijd week 26

Coolfit harmonica

2,0 x 5,0 metre

Article number Colour
N501-082-205 Leverbaar week 26
N502-082-205 Leverbaar week 26
N506-082-205 Leverbaar week 26
N508-082-205 Leverbaar week 26

Coolfit harmonica

2,9 x 3,0 metre

Article number Colour
N502-082-293 leverbaar week 26
N506-082-293 leverbaar week 26

Coolfit harmonica

2,9 x 4,0 metre

Article number Colour
N501-082-294 Leverbaar week 26
N502-082-294 uitverkocht 2021
N506-082-294 leverbaar week 26
N508-082-294 leverbaar week 26

Coolfit harmonica

2,9 x 5,0 metre

Article number Colour
N501-082-295 uitverkocht 2021
N506-082-295 leverbaar week 26
N508-082-295 leverbaar week 26
N509-082-295 uitverkocht 2021

Coolfit harmonica

3,7 x 3,7 metre

Article number Colour
N506-082-373 leverbaar week 26

Coolfit harmonica

3,7 x 5,0 metre

Article number Colour
N501-082-375 Leverbaar week 26
N506-082-375 Leverbaar week 26
N508-082-375 Leverbaar week 26

Coolfit Harmonica shade

  • Protects against 90-95% of damaging UV rays
  • Provides refreshment
  • Mold resistant
  • Woven polyester, 285g/m2
  • Easy to clean
  • 5 year warranty on the fabric
  • Can be opened and closed manually
  • Can stay outside during the season
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