Nesling balcony products

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A Flex Frame in combination with a Coolfit roller blind creates a balcony awning in no time. The Flex Frame consists of two posts with one intermediate arm and should be clamped between floor and ceiling. You can even mount several Flex Frames next to each other with a connection post. Suitable for all Coolfit roller blinds from 148 cm. Smaller sizes can be produced on request.


With the Coolfit® balcony shade you not only create shadow, but privacy as well. The balcony shade has an eyelet every 50cm. It comes with tie-wraps, so it can easily be fixed to the balcony fence.


Flex frame

Balcony awning

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Connection frame

Balcony awning (single post)

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Balcony shield

0.8 x 5.0 metre

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Nesling balcony products

  • The flex frame consists of two posts, and a horizontal bar
  • Suitable for all roller blinds of 148cm and bigger
  • Height adjustable between 195 - 305cm
  • The width is dertermined by the size of the Coolfit roller blind
  • Use the connection post to connect two roller blinds of more
  • For the Coolfit roller blind specifications look here